Retain – Enable Retention Experiences

The overall goal of providing customers with great experiences is to make them loyal to the brand and products, ideally becoming an authentic and organic referral channel. Take the time to ensure you are optimizing your client experience to maintain a long-term lifetime value. Consider the benefits your clients want and provide them enthusiastically to improve the likelihood of repurchase, referral, and deeper engagement. 


Utilize your scoring to determine how happy you are with your current retention options for your customers.



How to score your business: Self-assess each area below and determine revenue optimization opportunities for your business.



Self Assess Graphic - Website


Customer Experience Self-Assessment: 

  • Free returns
  • Online exchanges
  • Keep it policy for non-reusable items
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Replenishment opt-ins
  • Referrals incentives
  • Follow-up emails to confirm the experience
  • Feedback emails after returns
  • Easy returns: Print Label at Home and drop it off or have picked up
  • Fast replacements for missing items
  • Published returns & exchanges policy
  • In-store priority lines for returns/exchanges
  • New release notification
  • Loyalty program
  • Targeted promotions
  • Priority sales & events
  • Customer panels
  • Private shopping times
  • Personal shopper
  • Friends and family events


How We Can Help!

We will perform a strategic analysis of your business to determine the best opportunities to advance your marketing strategy. When you consolidate disparate marketing strategies, you will optimize your budget and return on investment. Consider approaching your strategy from the POV of the customer. Evolve your strategy to be Story Dwelling. Let us help you improve your scores.