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Hazel Evans, Founder and CEO of Highland Valley Digital, brings over 20 years of executive experience from her roles in Product Management, Digital Operations, Marketing, and Web 3 within leading global corporations, SMEs, and NGOs. Featured in outlets like CNBC, Bloomberg, and Business Insider, she is distinguished by her strategic mastery, highlighted by an MIT certification in Blockchain and Crypto Applications. Her broad expertise across a variety of industries demonstrates her profound impact on technology and revenue growth.


At Highland Valley Digital, Hazel has strategically assembled a team of top-tier C-level executives, ensuring that each member contributes a unique set of skills that drive growth and innovation. Her leadership extends beyond her company as a board advisor for organizations like Teddy Bears with Heart and SensePass, where she leverages her insights to generate meaningful impact.


As a committed advocate for DEI, Hazel leads with an inclusive and collaborative approach. Her role in various executive networking and women's leadership groups and her dedication to shaping ethical leadership practices make her a highly respected and inspiring figure in the industry.


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Business Insider 

"Recently, Highland Valley Digital has released a report on 'the Trend of Executive as a Service (EaaS)'. As 2024 unfolds, the leadership terrain is evolving significantly, primarily driven by the growing adoption of Executive as a Service (EaaS). Highland Valley Digital reports this trend as a crucial business turning point."

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Yahoo Finance

"Embracing EaaS is no longer an option but a necessity for those seeking to remain competitive in an era defined by rapid innovation and change."

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Forext TV 

"In a business world engaged in relentless innovation forcing constant transformation, the demand for Executive as a Service (EaaS) is not just rising; it’s proving essential for businesses aiming to stay ahead." 

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"A lot of executives get bogged down in administration tasks in meetings where they are not adding value. Fractional executives optimize your spend by not focusing on those areas - you only pay for the critical tasks that move the needle"

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