Serve – Track and Enable a Happy Post Purchase Experience

The post-purchase experience is a crucial part of any brand's customer evaluation process, and it can make or break your relationship with that person. You need to take appropriate steps defining how you communicate when something goes wrong if you want them to continue coming back for more! By integrating this data into overall Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), CSAT scorecard rankings as well NPS ratings, we get an accurate understanding of whether customers feel valued by your business. This will help you improve future service offerings.


Score yourself on how you are tracking post-purchase experiences for your customers today.



How to score your business: Self-assess each area below and determine revenue optimization opportunities for your business.



Self Assess Graphic - Website


Post-Purchase Experience Self-Assessment: 

  • Shipping notifications with offers and links to the site
  • Tracking progress updates, en route, delayed with reason, delivery dates with offers and links to the site
  • Delivery location choices – lockers, home, stores
  • Same-day delivery – with your preferred last-mile partners
  • White glove delivery – order, delivery, and setup
  • Engaging unboxing experiences
  • Sustainable, reusable, or recycled packaging
  • Engaging packaging options such as QR codes or promotional messaging
  • Branded packaging
  • Carbon footprint shipping declaration
  • Feedback loop for enhancements
  • Customer notification of upcoming upgrades/enhancements
  • Ratings and reviews
  • 24/7 chat and chatbots
  • Weather or other incident delay notifications

How We Can Help!

We will perform a strategic analysis of your business to determine the best opportunities to advance your marketing strategy. When you consolidate disparate marketing strategies, you will optimize your budget and return on investment. Consider approaching your strategy from the POV of the customer. Evolve your strategy to be Story Dwelling. Let us help you improve your scores.