Convert – Provide Easy and Convenient Ways to Shop

By meeting your target customer where they are, on the relevant channel(s), incrementally, you can optimize their journey through conversion with a solid A/B testing approach. Your content should be optimized for each type of engagement so that it's most likely to lead them down an actionable path - this way, you can track and optimize which strategy will work best!


Score yourself on the engagement suggestions below. We can help you optimize ease and convenience for your customers



How to score your business: Self-assess each area below and determine revenue optimization opportunities for your business.



Self Assess Graphic - Website


How many of these do you support today?


  • Website Online: Increase your online visibility and reach new customers.
  • Mobile App: Attract more shoppers with an innovative and interactive mobile app.
  • Social Shopping: Provide a social shopping experience that engages customers.
  • Live Shopping: Allow customers to shop live and in real-time.
  • In-Game Shopping: Expand your business to new markets with in-game shopping.
  • Metaverse Shopping: Tap into the growing metaverse shopping trend.
  • Personal Shopping: Offer personalized shopping experiences that keep customers coming back for more.
  • In-Home Shopping: Give your customers shopping tools via in-home devices, and have a personal stylist at your
  • Trade Shows. Events, Concerts: Engage your customers by hosting events and shows.
  • Retail & Wholesale Partners: Give your retail and wholesale partners the tools they need to succeed.
  • Reseller Programs
  • In-Store Technology: Deploy kiosks, mirrors, and interactive signage in strategic locations to attract foot traffic & improve
  • Product Customization & Personalization: Allow customers to make their own version of your product.
  • In-Store Mobile POS - Save time and money with in-store mobile POS.
  • QR Codes in Magazines, Newspapers, Out of Home: QR codes make it easy for customers to access your products and
  • Chat Agents: Provide your customers with help when they need it.
  • Auto Replenishment: Remove the need to place regular orders for favorite products.
  • Customer Service Sales: Drive incremental revenue by training customer service reps to upsell.
  • SMS: Text to shop, and your order will come right to you.
  • BOPIS (Buy Online Pick-up in Store): Order and pick up when it’s convenient for you.
  • Ship from Store: Speed up the delivery timeline by shipping from stores closer to customers.
  • ROPIS (Reserve Online Pick up in Store): Set up your @tting room experiences and book a time to try before you buy.
  • Virtual Tryon: All customers can try on products virtually on your digital platforms, then purchase.
  • Referral Programs: Allow friends and family to share discounts to drive revenue.
  • Easy and Visible Offers: Optimize services to proactively notify customers of key engagement opportunities.
  • UGC: User Generated Content, allowing your customers to interact with you live, at an event, in-store, over coffee, or

How We Can Help!

We will perform a strategic analysis of your business to determine the best opportunities to advance your marketing strategy. When you consolidate disparate marketing strategies, you will optimize your budget and return on investment. Consider approaching your strategy from the POV of the customer. Evolve your strategy to be Story Dwelling. Let us help you improve your scores.