Build Trust – Share Your Culture, Value, and Beliefs

In an era where consumers are more aware of the effects their purchases have on others, it is important to communicate with them in a way they will understand and care about. Today's shoppers want ethical brands that share similar values as themselves; we're all looking for products from companies whose culture aligns closely if not 100% perfectly, with ours too!

When you launch new lines or campaigns, make sure there’s relevant content available online, including blog posts telling all the hidden secrets behind each product feature; this helps build trustworthiness through transparency while also giving your customers access to the product. Winning strategies from larger brands are below.



How to score your business: Self-assess each area below and determine revenue optimization opportunities for your business.



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How many of these do you support today?


  • Diversity and Inclusion Commitments: company culture is diverse and inclusive, with a focus on gender and racial
    diversity in leadership roles.
  • Carbon Footprint: The company has made a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Charity Program: A percentage of the profits from retail company culture go to charity.
  • Sustainability Endeavours: Your company is making positive impacts on natural, social, and economic resources.
  • Give Back Program: For every purchase you make, one is donated to a good cause.
  • Gender and Cultural Beliefs: The company supports Black Lives Matter and other social justice movements.
  • Humanitarian Support: Employees are given paid time oM to volunteer during humanitarian crises.
  • Disaster/Pandemic Support: In the event of a pandemic or major disaster, the company will provide support to
    employees who are affected.
  • Recycle Program: The company recycles paper, plastic, and metal products.
  • Gently Used or Vintage Program: Customers can shop for gently used or vintage clothing in-store.
  • Inclusive Recruiting Events and Programs: The company actively promotes diversity and inclusion to attract qualified
    candidates from all backgrounds.
  • Key Partnerships with other companies: You have partnered with several leading companies to provide our customers
    with exclusive benefits.

How We Can Help!

We will perform a strategic analysis of your business to determine the best opportunities to advance your marketing strategy. When you consolidate disparate marketing strategies, you will optimize your budget and return on investment. Consider approaching your strategy from the POV of the customer. Evolve your strategy to be Story Dwelling. Let us help you improve your scores.